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We are commissioned with GIPHY's Clips series to explore ‘Unplugged’: a mini short about A Perception Explosion - The ability of catching the joy and satisfaction in anywhere seems to be more desirable than ever.

Eye-pinch Girl copy 2
Eye-pinch Girl_solo

The protagonist of the short is going to experience a refreshing moment on a plain grassland amid Land of Enchantment.

Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 3.27.00 PM

It's a special moment captured the spirit of Dir.'s trip in New Mexico. It’s a Shake-Off of longtime stresses since Covid, it’s also a nice reminder of living is a sequential of radiant brief moments.

QM_Unplugged_boards-pile copy

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Unplugged_Clip4 copy-COVER
Unplugged_Clip4 copy-COVER2
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Qieer Wang

Background Animator
Michelle Lannen

Character Animator
Qieer Wang

Squash & Biscuit 瓜和饼干