Our passionate team at QIE MEDIA specializes in custom animation, branded content, motion design, and short films. From concept to delivery, we collaborate with clients to bring their vision to life through bold and impactful mediums like frame by frame animation, 2D/3D animation, motion graphics, illustration, and design. Founded by multimedia artist Qieer Wang, with over six years of commercial experience. Exploring emerging visual languages and crafting unforgettable stories with us.



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QIE MEDIA embodies the essence of creative immigrants. Our studio brings together a diverse community of artists who have triumphed over political, social, and linguistic boundaries. Our team hails from all corners of the world, united by a common passion for art and a shared vision.

Through our work, we give voice to the immigrant experience and celebrate the resilience and determination of those who forge their own path in a new land. Let's tell your story and break barriers together."



QIE MEDIA raises awareness for mental health in the creative field through client work and an in-house series highlighting our team's personal journeys. Told through captivating animation and humor, we aim to show creatives they're not alone. Stay tuned for more updates.



As a Chinese immigrant, Qieer Wang has overcome language barriers, political challenges, and social prejudices through her love of visual design and animation. This inspired Qieer to build a studio as a creative community where other immigrants can share their diverse talents, voices, and perspectives.

Qieer’s studio is named after the Chinese character in her name, QIE. Given as a blessing from her parents, QIE translates to “giving your all and everything.” She wishes to carry on this all-embracing spirit within the QIE journey.