QIE The Artist Invitational Series


To embrace the passion of being cross-media visual explorers, QIE launched an artist curation series in 2022: The Artist Invitational - qTAI allows the invited artists to express their gratitude and curiosity towards their own expertise while crafting and cultivating visions for QIE.


~ Prompts of 2022

The key phrases are - Embrace the Connections, Break the Blocks in between Collaborators,  Self-explorers in Creation, Overlapping Creative Worlds, Mesmerizing Inspiration Exchanges.

We took the chance to be adventurous with TAI visual directions that include 2d frame by frame, 2d motion graphics, 3d simulations and 3d motion designs. 

qTAI Artists List:

Daniela Sherer [USA]
Rozi Zhu [CN]
Matt Siegel [USA]
Baris Cavusoglu [TURKY]
Lorenzo Mercanti [ITALY]
Anna Taberko [USA]
Sawako Kabuki [JAPAN]
Tian Ge Wang (mastertingus) [AUSTRALIA]
Amanda Bonaiuto [USA]
Tim Romanowsky [GERMANY]
Jiangnan Hou [CN]

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Logo Motion GIF by QIE MEDIA-original
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We have been engergized by the process and would like to continue calling for all-media Motion Creators to be part of TAI series with this link below:

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